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About the Author


With over 30 years as a professional geologist, Brian has practiced in many aspects of his field, but his heart has always lain with his writing.  He began writing in his early teens starting with poetry and recently expanding to short stories. Influenced by several poets, notably Anne Sexton, Basho, John Donne, Rumi, and Hafez, he writes lyrical romantic, often confessional poetry that highlights the melancholy of love. Brian's poetry ranges from the spiritual to the sensuous, and are sometimes both. His writing has Zen-like compactness leaving multiple meanings for the reader to ponder.

In 2017, the short story “Ravensong” was published in Pakistan, placing sixth in the Untold Stories: Season 3 Competition. Brian is published in anthologies throughout India, Pakistan, and the United States. His first collection of poetry, “An Infidel in Paradise” is in submission for publication.  Also, Brian has recently published a chapbook “Melancholy Love” through Local Gems Press. 

Brian extends a sincere thank you to the talented and generous writers that he also gets to call friends in India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.  They continue to be a deeply influential part of his growth as a writer and a person.  You have been a blessing and a joy.


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